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Introduction to Water Conservation

Water conservation doesn’t mean going without water. It means reducing the water we waste and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the water we use.

The City of Red Deer takes pride in supplying residents, businesses and regional customers with clean, safe drinking water. However, water conservation is increasingly important as the Red Deer region continues to grow and develop. Our freshwater supplies are limited and we all have a responsibility to use this resource wisely.

Water conservation means optimal water use. It involves reducing the demand for water by fostering good water conservation habits, stopping wasteful uses, decreasing peak consumption and charging for water at the appropriate rates.

It is important for The City to lead by example when implementing the Water Conservation Strategy. The first part of the strategy identifies several opportunities to conserve water within municipal operations. The City is in the process of implementing these initiatives and will continue to look for ways to reduce our water waste and increase our water efficiency and effectiveness. 

The second part of the strategy includes the proposed public water conservation initiatives.

The Water Conservation Strategy will help ensure we have an adequate water supply in years to come. Implementing the Water Conservation Strategy is expected to reduce water use by 20 percent of 2006 levels by 2012.