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Historic Resources

Historic Resources include such things as buildings, parks, natural features, cultural landscapes and objects that have special meaning to the community. These resources are important because of their design, construction, location and their association with an historic event, person or organization.

Oral histories, stories, cultural traditions, customs and rituals are also important is helping us to remember, preserve, protect and celebrate our heritage.

Historic Resource Surveys

Since 1972, we have conducted four historic resource surveys to identify all the buildings, sites and ceremonial trees in Red Deer that are more than fifty years old. Seventeen sites have subsequently been designated as Municipal Historic Resources, e.g. The Cenotaph and the Red Deer Armoury / Fire Hall / Children’s Library.

In 2012, we began work on a Community Heritage Mapping Project. A series of maps were taken to public events, recreation centres and senior’s lodges throughout the community. People were invited to write directly onto the maps about the places and stories that have significance to them. The information gathered from this project and the historic resource surveys will be added to an Historic Resource Inventory. This information will assist us in protecting, preserving and celebrating our heritage.

The attached links provide information on some of our historic resources. More sites will be added over the next year.

For more information, please contact the Heritage Community Development at 403-309-6270 or by email at: