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How to view a parcel's assessed value:

As of January 20th, 2014, the default theme for Web Map will be the Assessed Value theme.

To View the assessed value of a property,

  1. Launch Web Map.
  2. Click on the search button  located on the toolbar at the top of the screen. A dialogue box will appear where you can search for a specific property.
  3. Enter the house number and street and click the Find Address button . Once the address has been found, close the dialogue box and you will see the property highlighted with a red border.
  4. Click on any property to view the dialogue box which will display the 2013 Assessed Value of the property.

Click here Web Map Overview and Web Map Help for more information.

Welcome to Web Map, The City of Red Deer's interactive on-line mapping tool. This web-based system brings information together from a variety of sources and makes it easy to understand through symbols, colour-coding and labels. Web Map contains information for the entire city, neighbourhoods, land use zones and specific street addresses. You can find:

  • neighbourhoods
  • street addresses
  • areas and sites of interest
  • trail systems
  • waste collection schedules
  • assessed property values
  • transit routes
  • land use bylaws, zoning districts and constraints
  • aerial photo

Launching Web Map

To be sure your system can launch and run Web Map, please review the System Requirements and Web Map Tips pages to find out what's needed and what adjustments you can make.

Web Map

If you have any questions or comments about using Web Map, please e-mail