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Three Mile Bend Recreation Area - off leash park

Three Mile Bend off leash dog park in Red Deer

One of two off-leash dog parks, Three Mile Bend is identified as one of Red Deer’s four special gathering places in the Waskasoo Special Gathering Places plan, along with Heritage Ranch, Bower Ponds, and River Bend Golf & Recreation Area.

Three Mile Bend is a scenic, usable space shared by dog walkers, canoe and kayak users, runners and cyclists. This 55-hectare natural area is located on the North Bank Trail adjacent to the Red Deer River. It includes canoeing ponds and a canoe/ kayak boardwalk, a picnic area, a remote control car track and a freestyle ski jump, as well as the dog walking areas. Trails along the river offer abundant opportunities for wildlife spotting.

The pond at Three Mile Bend is cleaned by a floating solar-powered mechanism called a SolarBee. The device helps to eliminate harmful algae blooms, enhances water clarity, reduces nuisance weed growth and improves the habitat for fish spawning and growth. This low-maintenance green technology uses no grid-power and no chemicals, and has an approximate life span of 25 years.

Dog Park Etiquette


  • have up-to-date licenses and vaccinations
  • don’t chase wildlife
  • interact well with other dogs
  • come immediately when called


  • keep your dog on a leash until you have entered the off-leash area
  • have a leash in your possession at all times
  • keep your dog within sight and under verbal control at all times
  • clean up after your dog and fill any holes s/he digs
  • remove your dog from the park at the first sign of aggression