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Climbing Walls and Bouldering Room

Field House Climbing Wall
Mr. BIG Climbing Wall
Field House Climbing Wall
This 24-foot panel wall is covered with artificial climbing holds and is perfect for those who may want to try climbing for the first time, or work on their gym climbing and bouldering techniques.

Photo of Climbing Wall

Mr. BIG Climbing Wall
Experienced climbers only!

This 36-foot natural wall is perfect for those climbers who are looking for a more challenging experience. Mr. BIG is an advanced-feature climbing structure that allows a more natural, unique climbing experience than other walls utilizing gym holds.

Routes on the wall range from 5:10 b to 11 c/d. If you are passionate about outdoor climbing, you need to experience our Mr. BIG Climbing Wall in the mainstreet area of the Collicutt Centre.

Bouldering Room
The Collicutt Centre is the only indoor climbing facility in Red Deer and this new feature enhances the already popular sport. A bouldering wall is shorter than a climbing wall and is done without the use of harness equipment. Bouldering techniques are used as a means to improve moves and build stamina for other types of climbing such as outdoor rock climbing. The bouldering wall design includes more angles, overhangs and other features that make climbing more challenging. 

Photo of Bouldering Room

Check out our drop-in schedule for this area.

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Climbing Wall Rules:
All climbers must complete waiver forms; youths 17 years and under must have their waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian:  Climbing Wall Use & Liability Waiver 2013

  • Climbers must show their belay card to Dryland staff. Belay cards are valid for one calendar year only. All climbers must be re-tested for belay cards annually. ATCs or Grigris are the only approved belay devices that are required to climb;
  • Climbing shoes (mandatory), harness and belay device are available free of charge with identification;
  • Only chalk balls are permitted (no loose chalk);
  • Children 12 and under must have a parent available to belay (hold the rope).

Private Bookings

  • Bookings are available for both the Field House Climbing Wall, Mr. BIG Climbing Wall and the Bouldering Room.
  • Bookings allow for approximately 20 climbs per hour on the walls.
  • A harness, belay device and shoes are included in the booking price. Chalk bags are available for rent, but are not required equipment.

Please call the Collicutt Centre at 403-358-7521 for climbing wall bookings. You can also reach us by email at