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Children & Youth Aquatics Programs

1 -  Private Swimming Lessons ( all ages )

This program is designed for one-on-one swimming instruction for your child. Children may work towards the Red Cross Swim Kids badge program or work on specific individual skills.

2 - Children's Learn to Swim-Red Cross Swim Kids ( 6+ yrs )

This program boasts a small class size of no more than five swimmers, allowing for more individual attention! Achieve your Red Cross Swim Kids badge and have fun using all of the Waterpark features.

3 - Discover Snorkeling-Skin Diving ( 8+ yrs )
What lies beneath the surface of the pool? The underwater world welcomes new adventurers. This two hour discovery program will teach you how to check it out using masks, snorkels and fins! Families or singles are all welcome.  

4 - Junior Lifeguard Club ( 8+ yrs )
This program is for youth who are able to swim at least 25 metres (one pool length).  This program is designed to allow kids to participate in activities similar to those of real lifeguards in a safe, fun, and controlled setting.

For more information on Aquatics Programs, call our Aquatics Staff at 403-358-7526 or check out the Community Services Activity Guide.