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Housing & Homelessness

We are involved in finding solutions to housing issues including homelessness in a variety of ways.

The department provides administration of funding from the federal and provincial governments for affordable housing and homelessness. This involves:

  • agreements with the other orders of government
  • preparing and administering requests for proposals when funding is available
  • providing administrative support to the Community Housing Advisory Board, which makes recommendations to City Council on funding decisions
  • preparation and monitoring of contracts to the organizations and developers in the community who implement and fund projects
Working collaboratively with other systems and organizations in the community, we help identify housing needs and opportunities, and develop housing options. The Mayor’s Task Force on Ending Homelessness was administratively supported by Social Planning staff, and the department continues to support and participate in "EveryOne’s Home: Red Deer’s Vision and Framework on Ending Homelessness by 2018," the result of the Mayor’s Task Force work.

The department works with other City departments to facilitate development of housing options related to land use and related City processes. Social Planning staff members have been involved with national and provincial initiatives to share knowledge and experience, to inform policy and practice, and to participate in research and monitoring.

Support is provided in the collection of data and monitoring of data related to housing and homelessness in the community.