A census is an official count of the number of people living in a community. In Red Deer, census data is gathered to determine the population, assist in planning the future of our community and to calculate grants.

Census 2015

From April 1 to May 11, we will be conducting our municipal census. Your participation in the census helps to ensure The City of Red Deer receives its fair share of grant funding, which is impoprtant to support growth and services in our community. In 2014, it is estimated that The City received approximately $185 per person in grants, based on the number of people counted in the census. The municipal census will help The City plan for growth and development, and give us an opportunity to better understand and address the needs of our community.

How to participate

Phone Option

  • Residents are able to call the Census Office at 403-342-8317 from April 1 to May 11.

Enumerators collecting information

  • On April 20, enumerators will begin knocking on the doors of residents who did not participate in the online option.
  • Enumerators will spend approximately three weeks going around Red Deer to collect responses; some enumerators will be using tablets to collect the data.

What we are asking

This year, we are asking:

  • Number of people in the household?
  • What is the gender and year of birth for each person?
  • Does anyone in the household need or prefer The City to communicate with them in a language other than English?

Final Report

In late July, The City of Red Deer will compile a final report to be released to the public online. The report will include all statistics collected. The 2015 Census report can be found on this page. 

Most recent Census results

2014 Census Results

‌How often is a census conducted?

As a result of strong growth, a census has been conducted every year since 1999. with the exception of 2012.

What information is usually collected?

Enumerators ask residents how many people live in the household, the gender and year of birth of each person in the household. 

Who do I contact to learn more about the Census?

If you would like more information about The City of Red Deer census, contact Legislative Services. 

Past Census Results

View census results from 2008-2014.