Municipal Census

A census is an official count of the number of people living in a community. This data is gathered to determine the population, assist in planning the future of our community and to calculate grants.

2016 Census Results

Red Deer is Alberta's third largest city with a population of 99,832 (2016 Municipal Census).

The population increased in 32 per cent of census zones. The strongest growth in 2016 occurred in the areas of Vanier, with 583 new residents and Timberlands/College Park, with 381 new residents.

The average age of Red Deerians is 38 with a 48.3% female population and 47.7% male population.

Red Deer 2016 Municipal Census (pdf)

2016 Census

The 2016 municipal census was conducted between April 1 and May 9. Your participation in the census helped to ensure The City of Red Deer receives its fair share of grant funding, which is important to support growth and services in our community. For 2016, it is estimated that The City will receive approximately $236.34 per person in federal and provincial grants, based on the number of people counted in the census. The municipal census helps The City plan for growth and development, and give us an opportunity to better understand and address the needs of our community. 

What we asked this year

  • Number of people in the household?
  • What is the sex and year of birth for each person?

If you would like more information about The City of Red Deer census, contact Legislative Services.

Past Census Results

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