Plans and Reports on Housing and Homelessness

Annual Report

2014-15 Homeless Report imageThe 2014-2015 Report to the Community: Homeless Initiatives (pdf) report celebrates and describes the work that has been occurring within the community to reach the goal of ending homelessness.

EveryOne’s Home: Red Deer’s Plan to End Homelessness states that we will be successful in ending homelessness in Red Deer when we have a system of care that can effectively and efficiently:

  • Prevent/divert vulnerable individuals from becoming homeless, or
  • Ensure those who are homeless have permanent, appropriate housing and the supports they require within 28 days of presenting for services within the system.

We invite you to check out the 2014-2015 Report to the Community: Homeless Initiatives (pdf) and learn:

  • How many vulnerable individuals have been housed.
  • How successful the programs have been in reaching their funding outcomes.
  • New programs that came on board this year.
  • Future programs and initiatives.