Installing New Sanitary, Storm & Water Services

As per The City of Red Deer Utility Bylaw, anyone wishing to remove or install new sanitary, storm or water services on a lot in Red Deer, must apply and gain approval from the Engineering Services department Customer Service Section (403-342-8161). Applications must be made in person or by their appropriate representative to the Customer Service Section. These applications can include the following:

  • Basic residential or commercial sanitary, storm and water service
  • Water kills (disconnections)
  • Service renewals
  • Asphalt (cutting and replacing pavement)
  • Concrete charges (replacing sidewalks/curbs)
  • Turf repairs

For information on the fee per service, please contact the Customer Service Section directly at 403-342-8161.

Engineering Customer Service maintains a data file for each City lot that contains information relating to the location, elevation and size of the water, storm and sanitary services entering the lot from City property.

This information can be obtained at no charge by contacting the Engineering Services Customer Service Section.