About Timberlands

The Timberlands North neighbourhood is comprised of nearly 27 hectares along the 67 Street and 30 Avenue intersection.

map showing where Timberlands North is in Red Deer The subdivision features a Town Centre with mixed use commercial, live-work residential space, and services for the neighbourhood’s residents.

Timberlands North offers residents accessible amenities, walkable streets and enjoyable green spaces. A central park feature acts as the community gathering and recreation space. Additionally, smaller green spaces connected by trails and tree-lined boulevard streets will create pedestrian-friendly, safe, connected neighbourhoods throughout Timberlands.

The neighbourhood design embraces innovative housing types to meet diverse home buyers. Live-work provides a separate, distinct commercial space at street level, with a dwelling above. Suggested uses on the commercial area are small boutique or community-oriented services. Mixed-use integrated residential and commercial zoning offers another higher-density, more affordable housing option.

View the lots available for purchase in Timberlands (pdf)

For more information, please contact Land and Economic Development at 403-342-8106 or email econdev@reddeer.ca