Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Either City administration or members of the public may apply to amend the regulations and/or the land use district (zone) of a parcel of land within the Land Use Bylaw.                    

There are two types of Land Use Bylaw amendments: text amendments and map amendments. A text amendment may propose to modify an existing regulation or add a new definition. A map amendment may propose to change the land use district (zone) of a parcel of land; for example, changing the land use district (zone) of a property from R1 Residential (Low Density) District to R3 Residential (Multiple Family) District.

For more information on the process, please visit the Land Use Bylaw Amendment Process.

Below is a listing of the recent amendments made to the Land Use Bylaw.

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Amendment 3357/II-2017

Approved: December 20, 2017

Supervised Consumption Site

Maps Pages: L14

Text Pages: 3357II-2017

Amendment 3357/GG-2017

Approved: December 11, 2017

Billboard Amendments

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357GG-2017

Amendment 3357/BB-2017

Approved: October 2, 2017

Rezoning from P1 to C4 for part of Lot 58MR, Block 5, Plan 812 3053 (2099-50 Avenue).

Maps Pages: M11

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment Correction 1

Approved: September 14, 2017

Administrative Corrections to the Land Use Bylaw

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: Correction1

Amendment 3357/V-2017

Approved: August 21, 2017

Omnibus:Playgrounds in parks (P1) being exempt from needing a development permit - C5 District- 3rd storey setback: perhaps only necessary when fronting the street Carriage Homes Intent may Pines Neighbourhood Sign Exempting temporary buildings (tents) from needing a DP when they are erected in conjunction with a Special Event Permit Fences - pertaining to the construction material, as well as permits needed for commercial type sites Microbreweries/ distillery

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357V-2017

Amendment 3357/W-2017

Approved: July 24, 2017

Designation of Central School as a heritage site. Located at 5205-48 Avenue (Lot S, Block 36, Plan 802 2591),

Maps Pages: M15

Text Pages: 3357W-2017

Amendment 3357/X-2017

Approved: July 10, 2017

Rezoning of 4718-19 Street

Maps Pages: N10

Text Pages: 3357X-2017

Amendment 3357/P-2017

Approved: June 26, 2017

City initiated application to close a portion of the road and rezone the closed portion along with Lots 1 and 2 of Plan 892 3245 from A1 to Dc27.

Maps Pages: P17

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment Closure 3587

Approved: June 26, 2017

Close the portion of the road and rezone said closed portion of the road along with Lots 1 and 2 of Plan 892 3245 from A1 to DC27.

Maps Pages: P17

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/Y-2017

Approved: June 12, 2017

Site exception to allow "parking accessory to an approved principle use on the same site" as a discretionary use on Lots 77 & 78, Block 7, Plan 132 3870 (155 Vanier Drive).

Maps Pages: Q10

Text Pages: 3357Y-2017

Amendment 3357/T-2017

Approved: May 1, 2017

Rezoning 2 areas in Evergreen from A1 to R3 and from PS to R1WS

Maps Pages: Q19

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/R-2017

Approved: May 1, 2017

Associated with Road Closure on the north side of 60 Street along the east side of Burger Boy in Riverside Meadows

Maps Pages: L16

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/Q-2017

Approved: May 1, 2017

Change of Site coverage ( 40% - 50%) on R1A lots (125-132, 137-140, 145, 146 Block4, Plan 142 3516)

Maps Pages: R11

Text Pages: 3357Q-2017

Amendment 3357/S-2017

Approved: April 18, 2017

Secondary Suites Amendments - subsection 4.7(9.8) of the Land Use Bylaw to clarify which Secondary Suite Location Criteria; Section 4.7 (9) that can help determine suite concentration in a neighbourhood; mitigating some of the potential traffic, parking, and suite concentration concerns

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357S-2017

Amendment 3357/MM-2016

Approved: April 3, 2017

Part Ten: Riverlands Districts and Development Standards, will include dwelling units above the ground floor as discretionary.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357KK-2016-3357MM-2016

Amendment 3357/KK-2016

Approved: April 3, 2017

5589 – 47th Street

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357KK-2016-3357MM-2016

Amendment 3357/M-2017

Approved: April 3, 2017

Election Signs

Text Pages: 3357M-2017

Amendment 3357/N-2017

Approved: March 20, 2017

Redistricting from DC15 to C1, property 4926 55 Street

Maps Pages: M16

Text Pages: 3357N-2017

Amendment 3357/O-2017

Approved: February 21, 2017

24.358 ha part of the NW ¼ Sec 34; 38-27-W4 Roll No. 30002320075), which is a city-owned parcel where the ski trails are to be upgraded for the Canada Winter games. The land will go from A1 to a combo of A1, P1, and A2

Maps Pages: O21

Amendment 3357/A-2017

Approved: February 21, 2017

Defining definitions including: Developmental Disabilities, wind & solar, signs, permits, public service districts, zones, home occupations.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357A-2017