Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board

The Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board is a regional board that currently has 22 member municipalities.

Why a regional board?

In 2010 changes were made to legislation that impacted the structure of Assessment Review Boards. As a result of these changes, many municipalities considered the implementation of a regional service delivery model.

A regional approach offers many benefits such as:

  • Professional and unbiased board
  • Policy and Procedures that guide consistent processes, providing quality assurance
  • Qualified and experienced Board Clerks and Board Panel members

Regional Assessment Review Board

The Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board (RARB) is an independent board that provides support to over 20 member municipalities in managing tax assessment complaints.

Assessment Review Boards

The mission of Assessment Review Boards in the province of Alberta is to provide timely, independent, quasi-judicial complaint adjudication to all parties in assessment matters in a manner that yields fairness and equity consistent within the authority of the Municipal Government Act ("MGA").

Assessment Complaint Filing Forms (Complaint/Agent Authorization)

Provincial legislation outlines how property assessment complaints must be made. The complaint must be submitted on an approved Assessment Review Board Complaint Form.

If the complaint is submitted by an Agent acting on behalf of the property owner, an Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form is also required.

Complaint Filing Deadlines and Filing Fees

Each municipality sets their own specific filing deadline and complaint filing fee, and receives the initial Complaint Form and the filing fee from property owners. The municipality then forwards the Complaint Form (and Agent Authorization form if required) to the Clerk of the RARB, who coordinates the remainder of the process from complaints to either withdrawals or hearings and Board decisions.

For the City of Red Deer, the current Complaint filing fees are $50 per residential property and $650 per non-residential property. The type of property is listed on the assessment notice.

For other RARB municipalities, contact the Clerk or Assessor of the appropriate municipality to confirm their filing deadline and fees.

The Regional Assessment Review Board is responsible to ensure that Complainants have access to a fair and impartial hearing. Notice of Hearings and Decisions of the Regional Assessment Review Board are posted online.

For more information

Contact the Clerk of the Regional Assessment Review Board. The Clerk is located in the Legislative Services department, 2nd Floor, City Hall.

Phone: 403-342-8132
Email: Regionalarb@reddeer.ca