2010 Budget and Annual Financial Report

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2010 Capital Budget and 2010-2019 Capital Plan

The 2010 capital budget and plan was presented to Red Deer City Council on Monday, November 23. Following budget discussions, Council approved the capital plan for 2010 in the amount of $106.9 million.

Where does your tax dollar go? Click on the brochure below to see how our municipal tax dollars are being budgeted through the 2010 base budget.

2010 Budget Fast Facts (pdf)

The budget is a complicated process. These documents help to explain the budget process and details.

Capital plan overview (pdf)
Capital budget Q&A Backgrounder (pdf)

There are a variety of capital projects on the books for 2010 and some getting completed in 2010 that we would like to highlight. Not all of the capital projects below have an impact on the 2010 budget.

North Highway Connector Project (pdf)
Greater Downtown Action Plan Projects (pdf)
Waste Water Treatment Plant Project (pdf)
Water Treatment Plant Project (pdf)
Downtown RCMP Project (pdf)
GH Dawe Project (pdf)
Downtown Parkade project (pdf)

2010 Operating Budget

The City's 2010 operating budget was approved by Council on January 13, 2010. This includes a tax increase of 3.31 per cent on a typical residential home and a total operating budget of $232.7 million.

2010 Budget - Background Information

2009 Ipsos Reid Municipal Quality of Life Survey (pdf)

How is the property tax rate set?

City Council will approve The City’s 2010 operating budget in January. As part of this process, they will consider the revenue sources available to cover expenditures. The revenue expected from provincial grants, utility revenues and user fees is subtracted from the total expected expenditures to determine the property tax amount needed.

In the spring, City Council will set the property tax rates by passing a Tax Rate Bylaw. Rates are determined by dividing the total property tax amount needed among the total taxable assessed value for city properties. There are separate rates for residential, multi-family, non-residential and farmland.

For more information about your taxes, visit the Assessment & Taxation department.

2010 Annual Financial Report

The Annual Financial Report provides an overview of The City’s financial position and financial activities for a particular year. The report includes the consolidated financial statements for the City of Red Deer, prepared in accordance with the standards established by the Public Sector Accounting Board of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, and audited by independent external auditors. The financial statements and auditors’ report satisfy a legislative reporting requirement as set out in the Municipal Government Act of Alberta.

2010 Annual Financial Report (pdf)