2019 Budget and Annual Financial Reports

Each year The City determines the funds it requires for its operating and capital budget. City Council approves these requirements at separate times.

Capital Budget:

The 2019 Capital Budget of $121 million was adopted by City Council in November 2018. It was developed within a framework of The City's 10 year capital plan. With this long term plan, some projects are deferred and others are funded over a longer term.

The capital budget indicates the funds needed for the first year of the 10-year capital forecast period. It is how we pay for major projects such as reconstructing streets; building and improving public facilities such as recreation facilities, community centres, parks and fire halls; dealing with growth pressures such as new streets; and new initiatives. These costs are similar to adding an addition to your home this year. 

Operating Budget:

Council will review the proposed 2019 Operating Budget starting January 8, 2019.

The operating budget shows the day-to-day costs of delivering programs and services for the next year. These costs are similar to your everyday household expenses such as mortgage payments, utilities or groceries. 

Visit our Budget and Annual Financial Reports page for general information on the budget and processes.