Governance and Policy Committee

The purpose of the Governance & Policy Committee is to enhance the organizational governance framework in order to ensure that roles and responsibilities of Council, the City Manager, and administration can be differentiated, explained, and understood by all stakeholders.

Committee Outcomes

1. The Governance & Policy Committee will:

a. Provide an opportunity for Council to lead the governance processes;

b. Develop a comprehensive governance and policy framework to support Council;

c. Ensure Council’s intentions, directions and expected outcomes are captured in their governance and policy framework;

d. Review Council’s governance and policy bank and make recommendations and enhancements;

e. Identify priorities for updating Council’s governance and policy framework and suggested timing;

f. Review Council’s Committee structure and recommend changes to Committee mandate and role;

g. Only consider agenda matters which are not addressed or fully addressed by current City policy;

2. All governance issues being placed before Council must first be considered by the Governance & Policy Committee ensuring that the committee is advisory to Council.

3. Matters of information only will not be added to the agenda of the Governance & Policy Committee.

4. The Committee is not intended to replicate the meetings of Council but rather shall provide a more informal forum for the discussion of governance matters.

For complete terms of reference please visit the Committees Bylaw 3576/2016

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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