Fire Bans

There is currently a FIRE BAN in effect for The City of Red Deer.

The following fires are not allowed:

  •  Open fires using charcoal, briquettes or wood in the City of Red Deer
  • Any source of open flame (i.e. Tiki Torches)

All existing fire permits are suspended.

The following fires are allowed:

  • Certified portable gas fire pits
  • Certified gas stoves or barbeques designed for cooking
  • Certified cooking appliances utilizing charcoal, briquettes or wood pellets on residential property

Red Deer Emergency Services encourages residents to take extra caution to prevent fires. Proper disposal of smoking materials is very important as many fires are started by individuals throwing them out a window or discarding them in plants.

About fire bans

Why are fire bans issued?

A fire ban is issued to restrict or temporarily ban types of fire use within the city because of a high fire danger or air quality (pdf) . Each fire ban will include a list of prohibited fire uses, such as use of fire pits, barbecues and other forms of open flame devices.

What should I do if I see someone having a fire during a fire ban?

If you witness someone having a fire during a fire ban, please call 9-1-1.

What is the penalty for having a fire during a Fire Ban?

The penalty for illegally burning is $210 for first offence and $510 for second offense. You may also be charged for the fire response.

When will I know if a fire ban is lifted?

Updates on fire bans will be listed on this page. Always check for fire bans before having a fire.

Where can I find information about fire bans outside of Red Deer?

Every town, city, as well as forest areas in Alberta may have different legislation or bylaws for fire bans. It is important to read the details of a fire ban carefully and contact the city, town or Fire Department that issued the fire ban if you have any questions or concerns. For information on fire bans in Alberta, please visit