Use and Sale of Fireworks

Red Deer Emergency Services regulates the use and sale of fireworks for the safety of our residents. A permit is required in order to sell, purchase, store or use fireworks in Red Deer.

Until the National Fire Code – 2019 Alberta Edition is officially adopted; the 2014 Alberta Fire Code remains in effect. During this time, a fireworks permit is required to store or discharge fireworks in Red Deer.

Fireworks permits can be issued to those with appropriate certification to ensure only trained professionals are handling fireworks. Requests for a fireworks display permit must be submitted directly to Emergency Services for review and approval. Emergency Services will only issue a permit to a person that has a fireworks operator certificate issued by Natural Resources Canada. Contact Emergency Services at 403-346-5511 for details.

Once the National Fire Code – 2019 Alberta Edition is adopted, The City of Red Deer will no longer have the authority to regulate the sale and use of consumer fireworks. At that time, the federal Explosives Regulations – 2013 will apply for the sale and use of consumer fireworks, meaning that persons 18 years and older will be permitted to purchase, store and use consumer fireworks.

According to Natural Resources Canada, consumer fireworks are defined as low-hazard fireworks designed for recreational use and include items like Roman candles, sparklers, fountains, volcanoes, mines, and snakes.