Composting is copying a natural process that recycles organic material - like food and yard waste - into a nutrient-rich additive for soil. Composting can improve your lawn and garden, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill and reduce your household garbage by a third.

How do I learn to compost?

Our Composting at Home Program gives you all the tools and training you need to start composting. Registration for the 2017 program opens March 10. You can receive the link to the registration process when it opens by adding your name to this list.

You can also learn to compost on your own with our How to Compost - Video SeriesBackyard Composting Brochure (pdf) and Composting at a Glance (pdf)

What tools do I need to compost?

Composting tools can be found at your local home building supply store or garden centre. A compost aerating tool like the Wing-digger retails for around $30, the Garden Gourmet composter for anywhere from $45 to $80, and the kitchen catcher for around $20.

Garden Gourmet Compost Bin Wing Digger Tool Kitchen Catcher - composting

Learn more about composting with these videos

Other composting resources