Cart Pilot Program

Certain households in Red Deer have been selected to participate in a pilot program using coloured carts to help sort and manage household refuse. Learn more.

the Cart Family design - image

Black Cart

Chosen households can use the Black Cart to deposit their garbage for year-round, bi-weekly pickup.

Blue Cart

Chosen households can use the Blue Cart to deposit their recycling for year-round, bi-weekly pickup.

Green Cart

Chosen households can use the Green Cart to deposit their organics including yard waste, food scraps, and pet waste for year-round, weekly pickup.


Need to print out a new schedule? Download the pdf for your regularly scheduled pick up day to know which carts to set out.

Who is Participating?

Approximately 2000 households throughout Red Deer have been piloting the Cart system since 2015.

Green Cart Pilot Program Map (pdf)