Protecting Your Home and Property

Thieves and vandals are attracted to easy targets. Are you doing what you can to protect your family, your home and your property?
Don't be a Target - Protecting Your Home and Property

Don't be a target, protect your investment

Proper security in your home can not only protect your property from crime and vandalism, it also creates a safe environment for you and your family. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts, in addition to traditional security measures such as locks and lighting, can increase safety and security for your home.

Complete this home security checklist to find out if your home may be vulnerable to thieves. This survey can also help you evaluate the security risks of a home you plan to purchase or rent. Read more details in our Protecting Your Home and Property brochure (pdf) .

Break-In Facts

  • A residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada
  • More than 80 per cent of break-ins occur during daylight hours
  • Thieves don’t choose victims randomly – they look for opportunities
  • Most illegal entries are made by amateur thieves without the use of sophisticated tools
  • Break-ins cost Canadian insurance companies millions of dollars each year in claim payments; this cost is shared by policyholders through increased premiums