Construction Season Alerts

67 Street / 30 Avenue Construction Update

November 20, 2015 3:12 PM

Thank you for your patience this construction season as we completed the first year of the 67 Street / 30 Avenue Expansion Project. Tonight (November 20, 2015), the east leg of the roundabout will open for traffic to travel on Township Road 384 (67 Street extension). ‌ Please refer to the partial roundabout access map  (pdf) .

This year, crews completed the following work:

  • Extended underground infrastructure and utilities north along Range Road 272 (30 Avenue), and east along Township Road 384 (67 Street).
  • Constructed 30 Avenue north of 67 Street as a paved two-lane roadway.
  • Constructed and paved the two-lane roundabout.
  • Extended 67 Street west of the roundabout and extended 30 Avenue south of the roundabout.
  • Built a temporary connection from the 67 Street/30 Avenue bend to the roundabout for use this winter.

Work will resume next spring and will include:

  • Connecting the south leg of the roundabout to 30 Avenue and reconstructing the Carrington Drive intersection.
  • Connecting the west leg of the roundabout to 67 Street and reconstructing the Carleton Avenue intersection.
  • Re-routing traffic from the 67 Street/30 Avenue bend through the roundabout.
  • Completing construction and paving of the east leg of the roundabout (Township Road 384).
  • Completing final paving for the entire project limits.
  • Installing permanent pavement markings and signage.
  • Completing trail construction and paving.
  • Landscaping

It is anticipated that the full roundabout will open to traffic in summer 2016.

For more information about the 67 Street/30 Avenue Expansion Project please visit the project page. If you have any questions, please email