Construction Season Alerts

67 Street Johnstone Drive roundabout project update

July 17, 2017 3:28 PM


Construction of the 67 Street and Johnstone Drive/Orr Drive roundabout and surrounding roadways is continuing this year, including the following work:

  • Road reconstruction on 67 Street, between Golden West Avenue and the roundabout
  • Paving on parts of 66 Street, Orr Drive, Johnstone Drive and 67 Street
  • Permanent pavement markings
  • Permanent street lighting
  • Asphalt trails
  • Landscaping of boulevards and roundabout circles

Happening next two weeks (July 17, 2017 to July 29, 2017)

  • Asphalt paving on Golden West Ave and 67th St intersection.
  • Complete base construction on 67th St. East of roundabout.
  • Construct Curb and Gutter on the 67th St. median between the RAB and Golden West Avenue.
  • Install new davit for signal pole, urd box and associated ducting.
  • Complete medians on Orr Dr.
  • Complete revised 66th St. roundabout.
  • Construct Curb and Gutter on the East side of Orr Dr.
  • Work on Concrete Paving on 67th St. East of roundabout.

Road closures & Detours

  • Throughout construction the roundabout will remain open, but will be restricted to one lane in each direction. Turns in all directions will be accommodated.
  • Traffic movements on Golden West Avenue, south of 67 Street will be closed.  To access businesses on 67 Street Close, use 65 Avenue from 67 Street or south on Orr Drive from the roundabout. 
  • Left turns from eastbound 67 Street to Golden West Avenue will not be allowed. To access businesses on Golden West Avenue north of 67 Street, use Johnstone Drive and 71 Street.  Southbound traffic on Golden West Avenue will be able to turn right or left on 67 Street.
  • During asphalt paving at the 67th St and Golden West Ave. intersection there will be short durations when South bound traffic on Golden West Ave. will be disallowed due to paving operations.
  • During this time period, there may be lane restrictions on Orr Drive.
  • Bus routes will be maintained as per existing and using the temporary detour road off 66th St. while work is being completed on Orr Dr.

Who do I contact for more information?

We are available by phone and email, and encourage businesses and residents to ask us questions or pass along comments. Residents and businesses who have questions or concerns during construction should contact The City at 403-342-8158 or