Tickets and Fares

Prices in effect until August 31, 2016

* Effective May 11, 2016

 Cash12 RidesDay PassMonthly Pass
Adult (18-64)   $2.50  $25.50    $7    $70 *
Youth (6-17)   $2.20  $22.50    $7    $59
(ID Required)
  $2.20  $22.50    $7    $59
Seniors (65+)   $2.20  $22.50    $7 Non-subsidized $59
GIS Subsidy $33.50
Child (5 & Under)  No Charge (Except Preschool Groups)
Preschool Groups  2 ride for $2.20
MYRide Cards  $5 charge for initial and replacement cards

*Student Pass Eligibility

Students enrolled in grades 1-12, or attending Red Deer College or Vocational and Business Schools are to inquire at the school they attend to purchase passes. A transportation rebate is available for qualifying student in grades 1-12 only. Inquire at your school for more information.

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New fareboxes in Transit buses

What’s new

  • There is an electronic coin counter built in that only accepts Canadian money. The machine does not give cash back so riders must use exact change.
  • Transfer slips will be printed upon request after paying, riders will then scan their printed transfer slip when boarding the next bus. Remember to ask for your transfer slip when paying for your ride.
  • MyRide Transit Fare System: prepaid, reloadable cards