Treating Your Water

Our Water Treatment Plant provides high quality potable drinking water to the residents of Red Deer, Blackfalds, Lacombe and Ponoka by adhering to regulations set by the Province of Alberta and the Canadian Drinking Water Standards.
A panoramic view of the water treatment plant and Red Deer River

Why We Treat the Water

  • To eliminate bacteria and microorganisms that may cause illness.
  • To remove chemicals, metals and solids of concern from the water.
  • To eliminate color, taste, and odour.

How We Treat the Water

We use multiple barriers in treating potable water to ensure the safety of your drinking water supply.

These barriers are:

Raw Material Intake: Withdraws water from the Red Deer River and removes sticks, branches and weeds through the screening process.

Low Lift Pump house: Water is transferred into the treatment plant and chemicals such as potassium permanganate and powder activated carbon are added for taste and odour control.

Clarification: A three step process which involves Coagulation, Flocculation and Sedimentation to remove larger partials from the water.

Filtration: Dual media filters are used to remove fine particulate matter from the water.

Chlorine Disinfection: Chlorine gas is used to reduce the bacteria and virus populations to safe levels.

UV Disinfection: Uses ultraviolet light to inactivate pathogens such as Giardia, and Cryptosporidium that maybe resistant to Chlorine disinfection. Inactivation prevents pathogens from reproducing.

Fluoridation: Fluoride is added to the water to help prevent tooth decay.

Water Stabilization: Caustic soda is added to adjust the treated water to an optimal pH to help control scale formation within the distribution system.

Chloramination: A small amount of Ammonia is added to form chloramine residual in the water. This provides a longer lasting disinfection in the distribution system.