Water, Wastewater and Storm


Where does Red Deer's water come from? Water distribution, Water Treatment Plant, and water quality.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Discharge


Wastewater, sanitary and storm sewer collection systems. Red Deer's Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Storm Drain image

Leaks, Flooding and Drainage

Learn more about the combination of drainage strategies used to reduce the risk of flooding in your homes, businesses, properties and public areas.

Tank that toilet brochure

Toilet Rebate Program

Replace your high flow toilet with a dual flush toilet to receive a $50 rebate, or with a low flow toilet (6 litres or less) to receive a $25 rebate.

Yellow Fish Road symbol on pavement

Yellow Fish Road

Learn how to protect your local watershed and make a difference in your community’s water quality with this fun environmental action project.

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