Change your address/contact details with The City

Have you moved recently? You may need to update your address with more than one City department. This is a list of departments you may need to inform about your address change.

Change of Mailing Address/Contact Information Form

We have streamlined our systems so you can submit one change of address form and have it update within a number of different departments and a variety of uses.

If you:

  • own property within The City of Red Deer.
  • receive City of Red Deer Utility Bills (for water, wastewater, garbage and recycling). Note: This is not the same as your Electricity Bill.
  • have a City of Red Deer building permit.
  • have any of the following types of City licenses
    • Dog License
    • Business License
    • Escort License
    • Taxi License
    • Urban Chicken License

you can use our Change of Mailing Address/Contact Information Form (pdf) or our online form (click the green button below) to update your mailing address. Please contact our Land Information Systems Consultant at if you have any questions or concerns.

Change your Address/Contact Information

CLASS/look n book

If you have registered for City Recreation or Culture programs, you will have a look n book (or CLASS) account.

You must update your address for look n book/CLASS by calling our Recreation department at: 403-309-8411.

Transit Action Bus

Do you ride the Action Bus? Be sure to update your Action Bus profile with our Transit department at 403-309-8400.

Accounts Receivable

Do you have an outstanding invoice with The City's Accounts Receivable department? Our Accounts Receivable department is the central hub for invoice processing and collections for 16 business units in The City of Red Deer. This might include:

  • Ambulance invoice
  • Landfill invoice
  • outstanding invoice from another City department

Please contact 403-342-8110 to update your contact information on your City of Red Deer AR Account.