Culture in the Community

Arts, culture and heritage are thriving in Red Deer and contribute significantly to making Red Deer a desirable place to live. Red Deer is home to many community based arts groups whether it is theatre, dance, visual arts or literary arts. The City of Red Deer aims to assist groups to be active and sustainable in their operations by offering funding, facilities and community development support

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Culture and Community Development

Culture and heritage is thriving in Red Deer, making Red Deer a desirable place to live. Culture Services aims to provide community development and support services to the arts and heritage groups of Red Deer.

Community Culture Groups

Red Deer has many not for profit groups that host events and programs, provide services and participate in local festivals. There is theatre, music, festival, heritage, multicultural, art, photography, writing, singing and more, all here in Red Deer.


Enjoy many cultural facilities serving Red Deer and area.

Community Culture Grants

Information on Community Culture grants that are available.