Community Culture Grants

Community Culture Development Fund

The Community Culture Development Fund (CCDF) is a City of Red Deer grant program that provides financial support to not-for-profit organizations delivering arts, culture, and heritage initiatives in our community. Grant funds are intended to assist organizations build their capacity to provide a service, manage a cultural facility, act as an umbrella organization for other cultural organizations, develop new cultural programs and services, and/or to produce a community-based special event or festival.

Community Culture Development Fund - Q & A Backgrounder (pdf)

2017 Funding

There are two funding categories available within the Community Culture Development Fund: Culture Development and Culture Opportunities. 

Before applying for either category, please ensure that you have fully reviewed the Community Culture Development Fund Grant Application Guide 2017 (pdf)   

Culture Development Category

Provides support to service providers to offset operational costs required to deliver culture programs and services with the community.

Application Forms

Intake for 2017 Development Category applications is now closed. Intake for 2018 funding will begin in November, at which time the application will be made available.

Appeal Form

Appeals will only be considered where the appellant believes there has been an error in fact or error in process around their submission. Disagreement with a final funding decision in itself does not warrant an appeal.

Appeal Form (pdf)

Culture Opportunities Category

Provides support to offset short notice and/or one-time costs related to unforeseeable culture opportunities where longer term planning was not possible.

Applications for this category are accepted year-round, until funding is fully expended.

Community Public Art Grant Program

The community Public Art Grant Program supports the development of collaborative art projects between community groups and/or businesses, artists, and The City of Red Deer with the shared financial support of the project sponsor and The City.

Community Public Art Project Grant Application (pdf)

For more information, please contact Culture Services at 403-309-4091 or