Collicutt FUN Raiser Campaign Admission Booklets

A fun way for your non-profit group to raise money. You can sell Collicutt admission booklets and keep the proceeds.

How does it work?

The Collicutt Centre directly sells these booklets to non-profit groups only. The general public buys the booklets from the non-profit group(s). To ensure fair access to all, each group will be limited to a maximum order of 200 booklets per calendar year. Purchased booklets are non-refundable. Additional orders will be at the discretion of the Collicutt Centre.

Fun Raiser Order Form (pdf)

Who is it for?

Available to non-profit groups, the admission booklets are an easy way to raise funds, a healthier fundraiser choice, and great savings to your supporters.

What does it cost you?

Buy each booklet for $25, sell for $35 and make $10 profit on each booklet.

How do you order them?

Complete the Fun Raiser Order Form (pdf) and email to, or drop off at the Collicutt Reception Desk.

Savings to your supporters!

Cost ComparisonChild Booklet
12 admissions
Youth Booklet
8 admissions
Adult Booklet
6 admissions 
Family Booklet
3 admissions
Regular Admission $51 $48 $51 $57
Booklet Cost $35 $35 $35 $35
Savings $16 $13 $16 $22