Central Elementary School Revitalization Project

On November 21, 2016 City Council approved the plan to repurpose Central Elementary School and develop the Canada Games Celebration Plaza.

As a result of a partnership between The City of Red Deer, the 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society and Red Deer Public School District, The City has agreed to purchase Central Elementary School and lands from Red Deer Public School District for $1 to have this legacy vision achieved.

Central Elementary School building is currently serving as the 2019 Canada Winter Games headquarters leading up to and during the Games. Following the Games, the building will be used for broader community use for lasting community benefit, including relocating Culture Services to the downtown with future operational partners. The Canada Games Celebration Plaza is home to festival programming during the 2019 Games and will provide a long-term celebration space in the heart of the city.

Central Elementary School, built in 1939, is one of Red Deer’s most significant historical sites. It has received a Statement of Significance by Heritage Collaborative for The City of Red Deer in 2009, and is a candidate for Municipal Historic Resource designation under the Alberta Historic Resource Act. The school is also significant for its association with the theme of Red Deer’s development as a regional centre, as well as for its Art Deco style. All of this will be taken into consideration while work is done to bring the building up to code. 

Appendix A - Map of Potentially Subdivided lands at Central School (pdf)
Appendix B - Concept drawings of the Canada Games Plaza (pdf)