Canada Post Disruption Q & A Backgrounder

City plans for potential postal strike or lockout

How will the postal strike or lockout impact The City of Red Deer?

Customer service is a priority for The City; however, this mailing disruption means The City cannot mail utility bills, account information or regular correspondence to its customers and stakeholders. It also means customers may, in some cases, need to change how they get information about their accounts and how they pay their bills.

How can I get mail to The City of Red Deer during the postal strike or lockout?

The City will set up temporary drop box locations in City recreation facilities. These locations will have signage indicating they are a temporary drop box spot. They will also be secure. We will collect all mail that is addressed to The City of Red Deer at the following locations:

  • City Hall (4914 - 48 Avenue)
  • G.H. Dawe Centre (56 Holt Street)
  • Collicutt Centre (3031 - 30 Avenue)
  • Michener Centre (51a Street and 38 Avenue)
  • The Recreation Centre (4501 - 47A Avenue)
How can customers get information about their utility accounts during a full strike or lockout?

The best way that customers can get information about their accounts and balances is by logging onto and signing up for e-billing or preauthorized automatic withdrawals (PAWs).

Out of town utility accounts with balances that exceed $5,000 will be couriered.

Will The City waive penalties for utility bill payments during the mailing disruption?

No. Penalties will not be waived. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay their utility bills on time despite the mailing disruption.

How can I pay my utility bill while the strike or lockout is underway?

Utility Bills are still due on the specified due date, and late payments are subject to a 1.5 per cent penalty even though there is a mail disruption. Customers can pay their utility bill in the following ways:

  • Through preauthorized withdrawal (PAWs)
  • At your bank
  • Online Banking
  • Telephone Banking
  • At City Hall between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • After hours drop boxes at both entrance doors to City Hall
  • Temporary drop box locations at City recreation facilities
How will The City be paying vendors?

All Accounts Payable cheques under $5,000 will be available for pickup from the sixth floor of the Professional Building (600, 4808 - 50 Street). Please bring ID. Items over $5,000 will be couriered.

I am expecting a bill from the City. How can I find out how much I owe?

The Accounts Receivable department will attempt to email invoices for landfill and sani-dump services. Ambulance, false alarm and fire inspection invoices can be picked up at City Hall. Invoices over $5,000 will be emailed or couriered. If you are uncertain about an outstanding invoice, please contact Accounts Receivable at 403-342-8110.