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Red Deer RCMP investigate numerous reports of counterfeit US $50s

April 1, 2016 10:47 AM

Red Deer, Alberta – Red Deer RCMP are looking for public assistance to identify several suspects who have tried to pass counterfeit US $50 bills at various businesses in the city, and have obtained surveillance images from two Red Deer area businesses.

Suspect 1 (see photos below) purchased a number of prepaid VISA cards with numerous counterfeit US $50 bills at a convenience store on March 29. He is described as walking with his head thrust forward, giving him a hunched appearance. He left in a red car with two passengers.

Suspect 2 (see photo below) paid with two counterfeit US $50 bills at a liquor store on March 11.

A man and woman who passed a counterfeit US $50 together have been described as: a Caucasian man, approximately 40 years old, 6’ tall and medium build, clean shaven and wearing a black cap; and a Caucasian woman, 35-40 years old, about 5’2” tall with a medium build and short hair. No images are available of these two suspects.

Attempts have been made to pass counterfeit currency at coffee shops, liquor stores, convenience stores, drug stores, casinos and to taxi drivers. In Red Deer, all reports to date have involved counterfeit US $50 bills, although reports from other jurisdictions also indicate the presence of counterfeit US $20 bills and $100 bills in Alberta.

The fake currency Red Deer RCMP has seized is of varying levels of quality: some is quite good and can best be identified through a knowledge of the nuances of colour on the seals. Other counterfeit currency has been of poor photocopy quality and has been refused by most businesses.

If you have any information about these crimes or recognize the suspects, please contact the Red Deer RCMP at 403.343.5575.If you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1.800.222.8477 or report it online.

Click here for information on identifying counterfeit US currency and here for RCMP resources and links on counterfeit currency in Canada.


Media contact:
Cpl. Karyn Kay
Red Deer RCMP

Suspect 1:

photo of first counterfeit suspect

photo of first counterfeit suspect

Suspect 2:

photo of second counterfeit suspect