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Red Deer RCMP clock 34 speeders in two hours

April 21, 2016 4:02 PM

Red Deer, Alberta - As part of April’s provincial traffic focus on speeding and its impact on public safety, Red Deer RCMP and Community Peace Officers are zeroing in on speeders in the city. On April 20, the Red Deer Traffic Unit set up with handheld lasers at locations on Taylor Drive and on 67 Street, measuring the speeds of westbound traffic; RCMP spent an hour at each location and clocked and ticketed a total of 34 drivers going at excessive speeds, including a man who was caught driving 95 km/hr in a 70 zone.

“Speed limits exist for public safety reasons, and RCMP traffic campaigns actively target those drivers who place the community in jeopardy by driving at excessive speeds,” says Sergeant Al Nickolson of the Red Deer RCMP. “The faster you’re driving, the more difficult it is to navigate around sudden obstacles and the longer it takes you to stop. That makes you that much more likely to cause serious injury or death to yourself or to those around you.”

The Red Deer RCMP Annual Policing Plan identifies safer roads as one of five community priorities; police develop the APP each year with The City of Red Deer and City Council to target issues of concern to the community.

If you wish to report a dangerous driver, call the RCMP complaint line at 403-343-5575. RCMP need three pieces of information in order to follow up with traffic complaints:

  1. License plate of the vehicle (partial plates can be useful when combined with 2 & 3)
  2. Description of the vehicle and driver
  3. A written statement from the witness and willingness to attend court if necessary


Media contact:
Sgt. Al Nickolson
Red Deer RCMP