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Red Deer RCMP target distracted drivers

February 23, 2016 1:50 PM

Red Deer, AB – February is Distracted Driving awareness month, and last week Red Deer RCMP and Community Peace Officers (CPOs) focused on distracted drivers in a targeted traffic campaign. Red Deerians can expect more such traffic campaigns throughout the month, in keeping with the provincial RCMP “Crotches Kill” campaign, which focuses on the danger to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians when drivers take their focus away from the road.

In the space of an hour on February 18, Red Deer RCMP Traffic members and CPOs checked vehicles at roving locations through the city and issued the following tickets:

  • 2 – distracted driving
  • 2 – no registration
  • 1 – warrant executed
  • 1 – expired driver’s license

During this time frame, one distracted driving investigation turned into an impaired driving investigation, and RCMP arrested a 29 year old woman.

“Distracted driving reduces your awareness of what’s happening on the road and limits your ability to make the split-second decisions that will avoid collisions,” says Sergeant Al Nickolson of the Red Deer RCMP. “It only takes a second for a collision to occur, and every collision has the potential to be deadly.”

RCMP charge drivers for these distracted behaviours: using handheld electronic devices including cell phones; texting; writing or sketching; reading printed materials; entering information on GPS devices; personal grooming; and allowing a person, animal, or thing to impede their safe operation of the vehicle, which includes rowdy passengers, dogs on laps, and large items hanging from the rearview mirror. In a recent incident, a Red Deer driver was charged for flossing their teeth while driving.

Red Deer RCMP will continue to set up campaigns around the city targeting drivers who choose to make dangerous driving decisions, and urge drivers to pledge to leave their phones alone. Police further encourage drivers to take the pledge on their own social media accounts by using the hashtag #CrotchesKill and to challenge others in the community to do the same.


Media contact:
Sgt. Al Nickolson
Red Deer RCMP