Budget 2018 Online Survey

Have your say! This year The City is taking an interactive approach to help educate residents about the budget process. This new online tool will help you better understand where your tax dollars are being spent and provides an opportunity to tell us your views on how residential tax dollars should be used next year. 

Please take a few minutes to use the budget tool, and complete the survey to show us where you would spend your tax dollar and what your vision is for our community. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you! 

Take the survey now!

Having trouble with the survey? Call 403-342-8147 or email for help.

Sign Review

The Sign Review is the first project in the LUB review. Signage is an important element to everyday life from the resident looking for a service or trying to advertise an upcoming garage sale, to the business owner/manager trying to grab attention by making their location and services visible. The LUB regulates the safety, location, placement, quantity, size, shape, height and type of signs in all commercial, industrial, and residential districts (zones) throughout the city. The LUB needs to be flexible enough to adapt to changing needs yet still make sure signage is respectful, safe, and complementary to the surrounding landscape.

To view the current sign rules, please read LUB Sections 3.3 and 3.4. (pdf)

To help us determine some changes to our current sign rules and to have your say, you are encouraged to fill out the Sign Survey. This survey will be available until Monday, April 24, 2017.

Take the sign survey now

Once the survey is closed, the responses will be reviewed and considered as part of the review. If you have any questions about this sign survey, the sign review, or wish to obtain a paper copy of this survey please contact:

Jolene Tejkl, LUB Review Project Lead
403-406-8700 or by email at
Randa James, Sign Review Team Lead
403-406-8700 or by email at

Annual Environmental Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

Each year, we conduct a telephone survey of Red Deerians on Environmental Services. We are talking to you to find out how well we are delivering our waste, water, and sewer services as well as our environmental initiatives. We hope to learn more so as to make improvements and direct program resources, and address any issues or resident concerns. All responses provided are confidential and no personal data will be linked to the survey responses.

*Surveying is happening now. In 2017, personnel from Metroline Research Group Inc. are calling between April 13 - May 12.

We appreciate you taking part in this survey, Red Deer, to help make your City programs and services better. If you weren't phoned, you can still take the survey.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Environmental Services during regular business hours at 403-342-8750.

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The Ipsos Citizen Satisfaction Survey is complete. It was a telephone survey used to create benchmarks for areas including service delivery, communication with residents, and important issues facing Red Deer citizens. These benchmarks help determine if citizen satisfaction has increased or decreased and if programs/initiatives are effective. View survey results...