Household Travel Survey

The City of Red Deer has hired R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. to randomly select households to participate in a Household Travel Survey. Information collected will help transportation planners better understand where people are going and how they get there – by car, bicycle, transit or on foot. Results from the survey will provide The City with the data necessary for making informed decisions about transportation infrastructure and services.

Randomly selected households will begin receiving letters/phone calls after November 14 inviting them to participate in the survey.

For information about the survey or transportation planning in the city, contact:

Niki Burkinshaw
Transportation Engineer
The City of Red Deer

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The Ipsos Citizen Satisfaction Survey is complete. It was a telephone survey used to create benchmarks for areas including service delivery, communication with residents, and important issues facing Red Deer citizens. These benchmarks help determine if citizen satisfaction has increased or decreased and if programs/initiatives are effective. View survey results...