Great Neighbours

graphic design for the Great Neighbours initiative

Great Neighbours is an initiative connecting neighbours on your rural or urban block. Remember a time when we used to know our neighbours? It doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Great Neighbours is a grassroots initiative helping neighbours get to know one another better.

photo of a pumpkin being held by two hands

Meet your Neighbours

Are you too shy to meet your neighbours? Feel as though everyone is too busy? This initiative helps reduce the barriers to getting to know the people who live around you.

picture of four neighbours visiting in front of a house

Block Connectors

Block Connectors are being recruited across Red Deer, Red Deer County, Bowden, Delburne, Elnora and Penhold, to informally connect neighbours.

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Spark Grant

Would you like to spark a connection with your neighbours and within your community? Apply for the Spark Grant funded by the Red Deer & District FCSS.

Why be Neighbourly?

Research tells us that when we know our neighbours, it helps us in many ways:

  • Boosts our physical and mental health
  • Helps us feel safe when we watch out for one another
  • Saves us time and money by sharing resources and swapping services
  • Promotes the environment by encouraging local shopping, carpooling, garden produce sharing
  • Supports the growth of children and youth
  • Makes us happy by reducing isolation and increasing caring and belonging
  • Read our Great Neighbours pamphlet (pdf)

Neighbourhood Bingo (pdf)
Block Contact List - Sample (pdf)
Sample Introduction Letter (pdf)
Common Ground Activity (pdf)
Ideas to Connect Neighbours (pdf)

This initiative is funded by the Red Deer & District FCSS and facilitated by The City of Red Deer.