Meet Your Neighbours

A part of the Great Neighbours initiative, Meet your Neighbours is an event designed to get people to meet their neighbours in a casual, fun atmosphere.
photo of a pumpkin being held by two hands

There are currently no Meet your Neighbours events scheduled. Check back again soon.

Meet your Neighbours pilot neighbourhoods:
  • Inglewood
  • Highland Green
  • South Hill
  • Kentwood
  • Pine Lake
  • Springbrook

What to expect:

  • A chance to meet your neighbours and discover the best parts of your community.
  • Answer a few questions on what is important to you about neighbourhoods.
  • Learn about fun ways to connect with your neighbours.
Informal, simple ways to be neighbourly
  • Smile, wave and learn your neighbours' names.
  • Notice what your neighbours are interested in and ask questions about those interests.
  • Spend time in your front yard and say hello when neighbours pass by.
  • Go for a walk and introduce yourself to neighbours you meet.
  • Shop local - you might run into your neighbours and have the opportunity to introduce yourself.
  • Welcome new neighbours.
  • Check in on your neighbours during an emergency or natural disaster to make sure they are okay.
  • Visit with a neighbour who doesn't leave their home much.
  • Run errands for a neighbour.
  • Shovel or plow a neighbour's driveway.
  • If something you are doing will impact your neighbours, talk to them ahead of time.
  • Be open to Block Connectors and other neighbours.