Land Use Bylaw Amendments

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Amendment 3357/M-2019

Approved: January 6, 2020

New District - I1C Industrial/Commercial (Mixed Use) District

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357M-2019

Amendment 3357/DD-2019

Approved: December 9, 2019

Site Exception to add a 3 unit multi-attached dwelling as a discretionary use at 5835-60A Street (Riverside Meadows)

Maps Pages: K16

Text Pages: 3357DD-2019

Amendment 3357/Q-2019

Approved: November 12, 2019

Rezoning from C2A to C4 at 6380-50 Avenue

Maps Pages: L17

Amendment 3357/X-2019

Approved: September 30, 2019

adjustment of zoning between a parcel zoned C4 (6900 Taylor Drive) and two parcels zoned I1 (6739 & 6749-65 Avenue)

Maps Pages: J18

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/V-2019

Approved: September 30, 2019

Site Exception to add "office" and "financial services" to #8, 4608-62 Street (Lot 8, Plan 922 2540)

Maps Pages: M17

Text Pages: 3357V-2019

Amendment 3357/W-2019

Approved: September 30, 2019

Rezoned to I1

Maps Pages: L15

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/L-2019

Approved: June 10, 2019

A site exception to list a restaurant as a use on a parcel that is zoned R3 at 4501 – 48 Avenue. The agent applying on behalf of the owner is: Ed Gooch EFG Architects Inc. 9834 – 105 ST Edmonton, AB T5K 1A6 Ph. 780-423-3424

Amendment 3357/N-2019

Approved: May 27, 2019

Proposed amendment to add I1 Industrial Uses to Direct Control District 24.

Maps Pages: H19, H20, H21

Text Pages: 3357N-2019

Amendment 3357/D-2019

Approved: May 27, 2019

Amendments to DC27 District - Clearview Market.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357D-2019

Amendment 3357/J-2019

Approved: May 13, 2019

Rezoning - 22 Gunn Street

Maps Pages: K19

Text Pages: 3357J-2019

Amendment 3357/H-2019

Approved: April 15, 2019

R1 to R2 - 4028-51 Street

Maps Pages: N15

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/C-2019

Approved: March 18, 2019

Rezoning (A1 to A2) around Piper Creek in the following 2 quarter sections: SE1/4 34 37-27-W4 and SW1/3 34 37-27-W4

Maps Pages: O8

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/G-2019

Approved: March 4, 2019


Maps Pages: Q19

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/F-2019

Approved: March 4, 2019

An amendment to address permitted timing and display for temporary signs.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357F-2019

Amendment 3357/E-2019

Approved: February 4, 2019

proposed rezoning of a part of SE ¼ Sec 23-38-27-W4, Phase 4C of Timber Ridge From A1 to R1 and R1N

Maps Pages: R16

Text Pages: N/A

Amendment 3357/B-2019

Approved: February 4, 2019

Minimum Distance Separation from Dynamic Signs to Residential Districts Variance Clarification

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357B-2019

Amendment 3357/BB-2018

Approved: February 4, 2019

Site Exception at 3947-50A Avenue to allow for C1 type signs as a discretionary use in the R3 parcel.

Maps Pages: N/A

Text Pages: 3357BB-2018

Either City administration or members of the public may apply to amend the regulations and/or the land use district (zone) of a parcel of land within the Land Use Bylaw.                    

There are two types of Land Use Bylaw amendments: text amendments and map amendments. A text amendment may propose to modify an existing regulation or add a new definition. A map amendment may propose to change the land use district (zone) of a parcel of land; for example, changing the land use district (zone) of a property from R1 Residential (Low Density) District to R3 Residential (Multiple Family) District.

For more information on the process, please visit the Land Use Bylaw Amendment Process.

Below is a listing of the recent amendments made to the Land Use Bylaw.