Commuter Challenge

Commuter Challenge is a friendly challenge between Canadian cities and workplaces, and we’re inviting you and your workplace to participate.
2019 Commuter Challenge graphic

What is the Commuter Challenge?

Commuter Challenge celebrates active and sustainable transportation by encouraging Canadians to leave their vehicle at home and hop on their bike, take transit, walk or telecommute. These actions contribute to reducing vehicle emissions, air pollution and stress levels! The Challenge takes place during Canadian Environment Week, which typically is celebrated the first week in June.

Here's how the Commuter Challenge works:

For workplaces:

  • Assign a coordinator and register your workplace on the Commuter Challenge website.
  • Throughout the week encourage your employees to use sustainable transportation at least one day (the more often the better!). Organize virtual events and other activities to encourage employees to participate; it’s completely up to you how you organize the Challenge at your workplace.
  • Have employees log their trips on the website.
  • Track results and see the impact you’re making – last year almost 1,500 workplaces across Canada participated and more than 235,000 kilograms of CO2 was avoided during the challenge!

For individuals:

Tips for parking your vehicle and getting to work (or anywhere else) using sustainable transportation.

  • Plan your route using MyBus before taking transit. For assistance, you can call Transit at 403-342-8225.
  • Combine transit and cycling by using the bike and ride system.
  • Red Deer has more than 110 km of trails: plan a car-free route and walk or ride your bike.

What are the benefits of going car free?

The benefits are endless! Active and sustainable transportation enhances physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Active transportation, like walking or cycling, helps you get your recommended weekly exercise.
  • You can save an average of 2.6 kg of greenhouse gas emissions per person by choosing to walk, cycle, take transit or telecommute for one day.
  • Enjoy comfort and convenience. Take the bus and read the paper, take a nap, or work on your laptop while someone else does the driving.
  • Learn more about the benefits of active and sustainable transportation.