Cigarette Butt Awareness Program

This program is intended to educate people about the harmful effects a small cigarette butt can have on the environment.

A little litter can do a lot of damage

Although each cigarette butt is small, the cumulative effects of this litter can be large, with improperly disposed of cigarette butts accounting for almost 30 per cent of the litter collected.

The Cigarette Butt Awareness Program is intended to let the public know about the damage that this little form of litter can cause. Many people don’t realize that cigarette butts do not disappear, and they are not biodegradable. In fact, the build-up of plastic filters and chemicals from cigarette butts is toxic to the animals, plants, and water around us. Since the build up of cigarette butts is a litter issue, the first step is to ensure that this form of garbage - just like any other - gets put in its proper place. Pocket ashtrays are a simple and easy way to make sure cigarette butts stay off the ground.‌‌

It is also important to have cigarette disposal sites outside of buildings, as these receptacles provide a convenient way to help keep litter in its place. If you are a building owner or property manager, please consider providing and maintaining a cigarette butt receptacle outside of your building; you’ll be helping the environment and ensuring that your property remains litter-free. 

For more information, contact or visit the Kerry Wood Nature Centre:
6300 45 Avenue, Red Deer