Waste: It's Our Story to Tell

Attention Grade 4 Science Teachers

A red machine drives over a mountain of garbage.

Waste: It's Our Story to Tell is a free one-hour presentation for Grade 4 students with curriculum links to the science unit Waste in Our World. This presentation reviews the three R’s, helps students to identify wastes that result from human activity and teaches proper disposal of toxic waste to minimize harm to the environment. In addition, the presentation is filled with conservation tips and it aims to encourage students to appreciate our precious resources.

Teachers may wish to use this presentation as an introduction to the unit as it offers an overview of the landfill, or book later in the fall to use as a review of the unit's learning outcomes.

A student's locker is crammed full of garbage

Book a presentation to:

  • Learn why Dr. Seuss said, “Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
  • Discover if you “R” practicing the magic of the three R’s
  • Find out similarities between a landfill and a student’s locker

To book your Waste: It’s Our Story to Tell presentation email environmental.initiatives@reddeer.ca or call 403-342-8750.