Poster Contest

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2020 Our Environment, Our Future Poster Contest! Red Deer students submitted works of art that reflected the 2020 United Nations Earth Day theme, “Climate Action”.

Thank you to the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance for partnering with The City of Red Deer.

The 2020 winners are:

Grades 1-3

Grand prize winner: Liberty H.  (pdf)

All the ways we can help the planet

“My poster shows a garbage can which shows to put your garbage in the garbage, your recycling in the recycling, and your compost in the green bin. The oil can and the girl shows if you spill oil, or see that someone has spilt oil, help clean it up. The garden means plant a garden so it refreshens the air and helps stop climate change. The boy and the skate board and the truck means that you should always pick a bike, skateboard, scooter, or walking if you can, because if you drive you can waste oil and the smoke defreshenates the air. These are ways to help the planet!!!.” – Liberty H.

Runner-up winner: Benji K.  (pdf)

Trees are the lungs of the earth

“Save the forests. Les arbres sont les poumons de la terre. (Trees are the lungs of earth)” – Benji K.

Runner-up winner: Argyle T.  (pdf)

Protect the earth from harm to it

“Protect the earth from harm to it.” – Argyle T.

Grades 4-6

Grand Prize Winner: Sophia H.  (pdf)

What would YOU do for Earth

Runner-Up Winner: Emily S.  (pdf)

Together we can prevent climate change

“It shows little ways to help our community with climate change, and what animals are affected.” – Emily S.

Runner-Up Winner: Elena C.  (pdf)  

Poster depicting the conflict between nature and industry

“This is a painting/drawing of all the ways we are affecting our earth and what’s causing climate change. But at the top of the poster I drew/painted a world full of bikes, trees, grass and compost. The things our earth needs. I also wrote a paragraph on the tree to express how I felt about climate change.” – Elena C.

Grades 7-9

Grand Prize Winner: Saamia B.  (pdf)  

Woman wearing dress made of crumbling earth

“A woman who is spreading awareness of climate change through the act of putting on a dress of the Earth falling apart.” – Saamia B.

Runner-up Winner: Shanelle F.  (pdf)  

Earth poster with a mermaid tangled in netting and Save The Earth written around the globe

“In my artwork, you can see a mermaid who represents the ocean and a hand that represents the younger generation. The hand is reaching out towards the mermaid trapped in the nets and pollution, trying to free her. This shows that climate actions can be led by and supported by younger people too. We care about our planet as well and we want to help save it.” – Shanelle F.