Recreational Vehicles

A trailer used as a dwelling or sleeping place or non-commercial trailer used to transport off-road vehicles (except snowmobiles) or watercraft may be parked on a constructed parking pad in the front yard from April 1 to October 31 in any year.

A trailer used to transport snowmobiles may be parked in the front yard on a constructed parking pad from November 1 to April 30 in any year.

In residential areas, no more than one trailer can be parked in any site.

No person can allow or permit a trailer parked on a site to be used for living or sleeping accommodation except for:

  • a trailer parked in an approved campground
  • a trailer parked in the Westerner Exposition site if their onsite campground is full
  • a self contained trailer parked in a parking lot
  • if a church, school, recreation venue site, community centre or major hotel providing:
    • consent of owner of site is obtained
    • consent from Development Authority
    • overnight parking on the site shall not exceed two occasions per calendar month
    • no fees are charged for parking overnight

See the Traffic Bylaw 3186/97 (pdf) for complete details.