Pavement Rehabilitation Program

The entire road network is inspected on a three-year cycle and each road is analyzed and rated. Roads selected for rehabilitation are those where the surface is rutted, cracked, and generally in poor driving condition but without major structural defects. Annually, the City selects approximately 135,000 square meters of poorly-rated streets for our Pavement Rehabilitation Program. This work includes repairing drainage issues along concrete curb and gutters, milling asphalt off the surface, and then laying down asphalt concrete pavement. Some sections of road may be required to be sub cut and additional asphalt placed to strengthen the area. Roadways with relatively thin surface asphalt may be taken down to exposed granular layer, reshaped and prepared for placement of the new asphalt pavement.

Before replacing the top layer of asphalt, concrete curbs and gutters are repaired along with the sidewalks. Additional work includes adjusting the elevation of valves and manholes, replacing traffic detector loops, surface drainage swales and installing new lane markings. A few asphalt back alleys and parking lots are also selected each year for rehab work.

The following pavement rehabilitation projects are planned for the 2023 construction season:

  • 50 Avenue/Highway 11A intersection
  • Kirkland Drive: Kendrew Drive to Kennedy Drive
  • Gilchrist Crescent: Griffiths Avenue to Griffiths Avenue
  • Gilchrist Crescent Lane: Gilchrist Crescent to Gilchrist Crescent
  • 52 Avenue: Niven Street to 68 Street
  • Parke Avenue/Phelan Street: Gaetz Avenue to 70m east of Parke Avenue
  • Phelan Crescent/Phelan Close: Parke Avenue to Parke Avenue
  • Ramsey Avenue: Rutherford Drive to Roland Street
  • Reinholt Avenue: Reichley Street to Reichley Street
  • 49 Street: 51 Avenue to 49 Avenue
  • 48 Street: 48 Avenue to end
  • 47 Street: 49 Avenue to 47A Avenue
  • 46 Street: 49 Avenue to 47A Avenue
  • Lane north of 45 Street: 46 Street to 45 Street
  • 38A Avenue: 38A Avenue to 39 Street Service Road north
  • Michener Green Lane: 38A Avenue to end
  • Eastman Crescent/Edge Close/Everitt Crescent/Elkin Close: Erickson Drive to Erickson Drive
  • Dempsey Street: Daykin Street to 39 Street
  • Daykin Street/Drummond Avenue/Dowd Close: Dempsey Street to Dempsey Street
  • 55 Avenue: 43 Street to 35 Street
  • 57A Avenue/39 Street: 41 Street Crescent to 55 Avenue
  • 36 Street: 57 Avenue to 55 Avenue
  • Maxwell Avenue: 39 Street to Martin Close
  • McCune Avenue: Mackenzie Crescent to Martin Close
  • McGill Street: Maxwell Avenue to Metcalf Avenue
  • Metcalf Avenue: 39 Street to 32 Street
  • Allan Street; 32 Street to Ardell Close
  • Avery Street: Allan Street to 30 Avenue
  • Allsop Drive: Allsop Avenue to Austin Drive
  • Mountain Bike Parking Lot: 7899 48 Avenue