Restorative Roadway Sealing

Preventative maintenance treatments are necessary components of all pavement management programs. They are used to slow down ongoing deterioration and preserve or improve the surface condition. This ensures a road’s service life is met or exceeded thereby postponing more costly rehabilitation overlays.

Restorative sand seals are a cost-effective way to seal the asphalt surface to minimize water infiltration and prevent further oxidation (natural weathering) of the pavement surface. If this deterioration were left untreated, it would lead to the quicker formation of potholes and other distresses to the paved surface. It is most often applied across the entire surface of a roadway.

The Benefits

  • Seals the minor surface cracks and fills voids that develop over the life of the pavement.
  • Slows down the adverse impacts of weathering of the aging asphalt surface.
  • Returns the roadway to its users quickly

The Process

In general, roadway users can anticipate the following to occur once traffic control is in place:

  • Existing wide cracks are filled by spray patching with an oil and rock chip mixture.
  • Potholes and other surface distress areas are repaired.
  • The street is swept clean.
  • The surface is sprayed with a restorative asphalt seal product.
  • A thin layer of sand is spread over the entire surface.
  • The street is swept clean.