Riverside Meadows Infrastructure Revitalization

Update: April 2022

The scope verification and phasing plan has been completed, along with detailed design for the first phase of construction. Construction began in 2021 and will continue in phases until 2026. The City looks forward to working with residents and property owners in the future as part of this long-term infrastructure revitalization. Businesses are operating during all construction activities unless otherwise posted. Please obey all construction signage.

The following work is scheduled to be completed in 2022:

Upgraded deep utilities and surface improvements. Beginning week of April 11, road closures will come into effect with detours around the work zones during the performance of this work and will include:

  • 60A Street from 58 Avenue to West End 
  • 60 Street from 54 Avenue to 60 Avenue 
  • 55 Avenue North & South of 60 Street
  • 57 Avenue North of 60 Street & Lane from 56 Avenue to 57 Avenue
  • 58 Avenue from 57 Street to 61 Street
  • 59 Avenue from 59 Street to 60 Street
  • 59A Street from 58 Avenue to 59 Avenue
  • 59 Street from 58 Avenue to 60 Avenue
  • Fern Road from Fairway Avenue to Fir Street
  • Fir Street from Fern Road to Fairway Avenue 
  • Fairbank Road from Fir Street to East End

Up-to-date information on the Riverside Meadows Infrastructure Revitalization project can be found at www.riversideproject.ca

Riverside Meadows & Fairview Revitalization - Scope of Work Map (pdf)

If you have any questions or comments about this project, please to contact us at 403-342-8158 or email engineering@reddeer.ca