Snow Plowing Schedule and Map

View the snow plowing schedule below to know when plows are headed to your neighbourhood.

Residential plowing is complete for November/December 2022. When the program is triggered again, we will update the schedule here so check back often. You can sign up for Notify Red Deer to get a text before the plows head your way.

ZoneGreen RouteGrey Route

How else can I find out the schedule?

You can sign up for Snow Zone alerts to get a text, email or phone call before you need to move your vehicles off the street.

Do you remove snow or surface plow?

As per City Council’s Snow and Ice Control Policy, all of the snow on the road is removed from Green Routes (bus routes) and any vehicles remaining on the street are ticketed and towed to the nearest Grey Route. This gives operators the ability to remove all of the snow.

On Grey Routes (non bus routes), operators will plow down the center of the roadway, creating dual windrows on either side of the street. This restores mobility on the road by removing ruts and exposing the crown of the road so daytime sun can help naturally remove some of the snow. Vehicles left on Grey Routes will be ticketed and operators will plow a windrow around them. It is up to the vehicle owner to remove the windrow.

When do you plow?

In order to maintain on-street parking for residents during weekends, residential plowing takes place Monday to Friday.

Aren't sure what your Snow Zone is or if you live on a grey or green route? Use the Find your Snow Zone tool to find out.

Is your street up next? Learn more about Parking Restrictions.